Meet Information


In an effort to help streamline the meet registration process for families and clubs alike, the Waukee Track Club will pay all meet registration fees for athletes ($10 each). Parents will simply be responsible for notifying the club of which events their athlete plans to compete in for each meet.

Nearly all meets require online pre-registration due to the Fully Automated Timing (FAT) systems being used. The club will also handle this responsibility.

Most of the local meets do not require a USATF membership

The USATF State meet requires a USATF Membership. Make sure when you register your child with USATF you select Waukee Track Club as their affiliation.

You can follow the season schedule to see which track meets the club plans to attend. Most track meets start around 9:00am with registration beginning 30-60 minutes before the start time.

Typically, track meets follow a rolling schedule. This means each event begins immediately after the previous event is completed. It is difficult to provide an accurate event start time considering the rolling schedule. The length of each meet will be different based on various factors, including: number of participants, if there are any weather interruptions, or camera/timing issues, etc.

Parents/Athletes are responsible for event check-in and should listen for when their event is called. Usually the meet will announce "first call", "second call", and "last call" for each event. You can follow the event schedule to assist in knowing when it is an appropriate time to warm up, or to know when it's nearly time to check-in.

Coaches are not responsible for athlete supervision at meets. This is the parent's responsibility. Coach Westerkamp will be at all meets, but there will be too many athletes in too many locations to get them all checked in by himself. Field events typically will check in at their competition site (i.e. shotput ring, long jump pit, high jump pit, etc). Remember, there is a difference between registering for an event, and checking in / declaring for an event.

Coach Westerkamp will establish a Team Camp location at each meet. The team camp is simply a place where athletes can leave their extra equipment, bags, snacks, water, etc when competing. On very sunny or rainy days Coach Westerkamp will try to provide a team tent for shelter from the elements, and where the athletes can congregate.

The Waukee Track Club will also provide any throwing implements for throwing athletes, and batons for relay teams. Parents/Athletes are free to purchase their own equipment if they would like, but certainly not required. Competition spikes are also not required to compete in running events, but it is highly recommended!

Events by Age Group

Some age groups are limited to certain events. Click the link to see a complete list of which events are available for each age group.

Age groups are determined by the athlete's age on December 31 of current year.

Event List by Age